Introduction: The Outer Mysteries

Introductory articles on some basic aspects of Christianity from a fresh new perspective – eclectic and thought provoking.

Theology: The Doctrinal Mysteries

A good, hard look at the core doctrines and beliefs of Christianity, both pro and con.

Genesis: The Historical Mysteries

A clear, objective appraisal of Christian history and origins from a critical, scholarly perspective.

Fellowship and Community: The Ecumenical Mysteries

An open minded survey of Christianity and other world religions – common ground as well as points of difference.

Mysteries of Esoteric and Mystical Christianity

Diving deep into the inner core of the Christian religion.

The Transmigration of the Soul: Mysteries of Reincarnation and Rebirth

Does reincarnation have a place within the Christian tradition?  The answer may surprise you.

Queen of Heaven: Mysteries of the Christian Goddess

Restoring gender balance to Christian spirituality by honoring the Divine Feminine.

The Tree of Life: Mysteries of Christian Kabbalah

Exploring the relationship between Jewish mysticism and Christian spirituality.

A Who’s Who of the Christian Mysteries

A collection of mini-biographies of important people who shaped the Christian religion.