Introduction: The Osborn Family Legacy My father did quite a bit of research into the genealogy of the Osborn family several years back, and he found quite a few interesting things in our family’s past.  The original spelling of the Osborn family name, as it appears in Burke’s Peerage, is with an “e” on the end, as in Osborne.  It

This article introduces my readers to Paramahansa Yogananda, who is often called the Father of Yoga in The West and the first superstar yogi of the twentieth century.  I call Yogananda a Christo-Hindu sage and saint.  The article also focuses on the two most important books written by Yogananda: Autobiography of a Yogi and The Second Coming of Christ, whichRead More

This article introduces my readers to the modern phenomenon of Near Death Experiences, or NDE’s, and ponders the question of whether or not a new religion, or at least a new form of spirituality, might be emerging from the wisdom and insight of accumulated accounts of NDE’s.

This article gives readers a universal overview of saints and sainthood, not just in Christianity, but in other world religions as well. It also shines the spotlight on two modern Christian saints: Father Arsenie Boca and Carlo Acutis.

What is the difference between orthodoxy and heresy in Christianity, and how did orthodoxy and heresy emerge as Christian theology and Christology developed and evolved?  The history and origins of Christian heresy, just as the history and origins of Christianity itself, is actually a lot more nuanced and complex than it originally appears to be.

This article introduces readers to traditions concerning the Virgin Mary in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and also discusses the basics of Marian worship and devotion, as well as Marian apparitions.

Within the broader Judeo-Christian tradition, there exist forms and archetypes of the Divine Feminine that are honored and revered.  This article provides readers with a basic introduction to the subject of the Divine Feminine in Christianity, and lays out the spiritual principles upon which it is based.

In this article, I explore the leading paradigms of atonement and salvation in Christianity, both mainstream and alternative.  I also make the case for my conviction that conventional Christianity, especially in its more conservative forms, has been too harsh and unforgiving in its understanding of sin, atonement, and salvation

Think you know the Christian doctrine of Original Sin?  Take a deeper look.  What you discover may surprise you as I explore the history of this doctrine as well as its many ramifications, both positive and negative.