This article introduces my readers to the modern phenomenon of Near Death Experiences, or NDE’s, and ponders the question of whether or not a new religion, or at least a new form of spirituality, might be emerging from the wisdom and insight of accumulated accounts of NDE’s.

This article gives readers a universal overview of saints and sainthood, not just in Christianity, but in other world religions as well. It also shines the spotlight on two modern Christian saints: Father Arsenie Boca and Carlo Acutis.

Those who are searching for the pure teachings of Christianity may be searching in vain, because Christianity is actually a hybrid religion, born from the fusion or marriage of the Judaic and the Hellenistic streams of religion and spirituality.  This article gives evidence and proof of this hybridization, and gives a brief synopsis of how this intermarriage happened. 

This article introduces readers to the Holy Spirit and its place not only within the Christian spiritual tradition, but in other religions as well.  It approaches the Holy Spirit from a universal and interfaith perspective.